Visit a ranch in Montana from Ireland

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When I was a little girl living in France, I had no real idea what ranch life was, but I knew I was going to have a ranch when I grew up. I told my grandmother that she would have her own living space in there. I think I was about 13 years of age. I finally lived my dream when I first visited Montana in 2016. I experienced the beautiful settings of a ranch and the daily riding of horses and cattle rides. More than that, I met with the most wonderful people who are the Blackfeet Indians. They made the biggest impact on me, through their kind and giving nature. They welcomed me into their world and told me about their true history and showed me the land they are so proud of.

I want to share that world with a few of you and invite you to yearly ranch adventure trips.

I will enjoy seeing your taken-aback face when you wake up on the ranch on your first morning. I want to see your smile when you take a big breath of relaxation, being invaded by the calmness of the place. And then, I will want to see your tears when you feel that that kind horse is taking you places with such great care.

Keep checking this space for future group tours. I will never take more than 8 people at once. Don’t ask for too much details because we want to surprise you.


visit a montana ranch

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Next Tour – 11th September to 22nd September 2022

I am organising a Montana Ranch Adventure trip for 8 people from the 11th to the 22nd of September 2022. Experience the true Montana ranch life and let us take you on an exciting road trip to the Pendleton Round Up, travelling through Glacier National Park and the Lolo Pass in Idaho, stopping en-route for a mountain hike and a dip in the Hot Springs.

€3500 only

(flight excluded)

8 persons max

Full board in shared rustic bunk house or private cosy cabin.

Book your own flight to Great Falls airport. We will pick you up. 

Experience the buzz of a true rodeo show and acquaint yourself with the authentic Indian culture. Finally, picture yourself relaxing in an outdoor hot tub on the landing of a log cabin. Private message me for more info.

Visit a ranch in Montana from Ireland
looking to visit a ranch in Montana

What You’ll Have To Look Forward To:

  • Horse trail riding: Ride a gentle horse through the beautiful Montanan wilderness
  • Horsemanship: Experience the patience required to train young horses, taking away their natural fear and entrusting them to be our loyal companions
  • Cattle ride: Relive the cowboys and cowgirls experience through the gentle moving of the herds on horseback
  • Wildlife sightseeing: Watch the coyottes, gothers, hawks, eagles, grizzlies, deers, birds and other Montanan fauna and flora
  • Historical Sites: Get transported to locations and monuments of historical importance
  • Indian culture: Learn and experience the true authentic Indian culture
  • Landscape Sightseeing: Discover the beautiful mountainous sceneries of Montana, its forests, wild rivers, beautiful green hills and flowers, its rocky mountains, its ever changing colours from summer to autumn, its beautiful sunrises and sunsets
  • Rodeos: The colourful and exhilarating show of brave riders on their ever bulking horses
  • Hiking: Keep fit on relaxing walks through the Montanan wilderness
  • Hot Springs: Dip yourself in total relaxation in the hot spring
  • Road trips: Embark on a voyage through Montana with some likeminded people
  • Dining: Eat some great ranch food
  • Kayaking: Glide on the Montanan rivers in your one or two seat kayak

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Visit Montana Ranch
Visit a ranch in Montana from Ireland
Visit a ranch in Montana from Ireland
Visit a ranch in Montana from Ireland
Visit a ranch in Montana from Ireland
Visit a ranch in Montana from Ireland
Visit a ranch in Montana from Ireland

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